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ImportWorx Polyester Wool Cream Wash Mitt 11"

ImportWorx Polyester Wool Cream Wash Mitt 11"

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- Soft protective and heavy-duty wash glove
- Deeply tufted absorbent yarns clean vehicle easily
- Sturdy elastic cuff
- Great for all vehicle wash
Key Features
1. The the wash mitt can be easily cleaned after use.
2. Dirt releases easily with this car cleaning wash mitt.
3. This car cleaning wash mitt is easy to grab.
4. With perfect absorption,you can use the car wash sponge pad for auto washing,such as windshield wipers.
5. Superior product application and spread with every wipe
6. Plastic inner lining keeps your hand dry
7. Elastic cuff fits hands of any size

Product Dimensions: 11"L x 8"W x 1.5"
Available Colors: White/Cream


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