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Professional High Foam Spray Gun Cannon Orange 32oz (2-1, Garden Hose/Pressure Washer)

Professional High Foam Spray Gun Cannon Orange 32oz (2-1, Garden Hose/Pressure Washer)

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Garden hose and Pressure washer adapter!! 2 in 1

Tired of using a bucket and hose? We know we are! Our multi-purpose professional foam gun saves you time and makes washing your car fun again. Using foam loosens up dirt and lubricates the paint for easy removal of any debris when using your sponge, mitt, or towel.

The sprayer is manufactured to professional standards utilizing premium brass joints and perfect-fit rubber seals to prevent any leakage and ensure a watertight fit. Along with heavy duty ABS parts, the entire foam gun is fully chemical resistant. The 0-5 adjustment dial allows you to easily control the concentration of foam (increasing with the number). Our refined internal components allow for the optimal mixture of water and air, meaning less detergent and more foam. 

Usage Instructions: Fill the included bottle with water; add your choice of ImportWorx Soap / cleaning agent; attach the bottle to the spray head; connect the hose; adjust air intake (knob) to desired width; foam away! 
You can fill the bottle with soap and water based on the printed filling lines without the need for any guessing or for traditional soaps and shampoos we recommend an approximate ratio of 10:1, water-to-cleaning solution. 

From watering your garden and lawn to washing your vehicles and other outdoor surfaces; this foam sprayer offers a diverse range of settings to meet your different needs.
Product Notes: Includes 900ml bottle; threading fits most standard hoses and pressure washer with attachment 

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