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ImportWorx Professional Tan Medium Bristle Upholstery Detailing Brush 6"

ImportWorx Professional Tan Medium Bristle Upholstery Detailing Brush 6"

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This is a professional grade auto detailing brush intended for hard and rough cleaning. The heavy duty non-slip handle is ergonomically designed to withstand hours of use.

The hard polystyrene bristles are chemical resistant to acids, heat and detergents, and provides for gentle washing of any surface. The brush is extremely versatile for many uses. It would reach deep crevices making this brush the perfect choice for cleaning your tires, carpet, and soiled areas. This hard bristle brush is commonly used to clean tires, car mats, upholstery and heavily soiled areas. 

ImportWorx recommends purchasing a few of these brushes, so that you can benefit from their versatile uses.

1. Scrub brush made with natural bristles is the perfect companion for the toughest spots and stains - lifts dirt from carpeting fibers
2. Bristles are naturally resistant to many liquids, solvents, and heat - making them an extremely versatile material
3. Ergonomic brush design makes cleaning a breeze
4. Designed to clean thoroughly without harming your interior surfaces

5. Easy to clean - simply rinse brush out at the end of each use and let air dry


Color: Natural (Medium)
6" Handle
2" Bristles 


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