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ImportWorx Electrostatic Pet Hair & Fur Removal Rubber Brush 10"

ImportWorx Electrostatic Pet Hair & Fur Removal Rubber Brush 10"

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This is a professional grade auto detailing brush intended for soft and gentle cleaning. 

This Pet Hair Removal Brush is an electrostatic Brush that attracts Hair, Pet Hair and Fur like a magnet to extract from carpet, upholstery and rugs. Removes Hair instantly from seats, carpet and upholstery.
The unique design of this Brush combined with the superior electrostatic Rubber composites makes this Brush 100% scratch-free for all surfaces. Friction against the right surfaces will generate a magnetic charge that attracts everything to the Brush.

Key Features

  • ImportWorx pet hair removal brush 
  • Safe for all surfaces including leather- will not scuff  
  • Ideal for removing hair, lint and dust from pets, clothing, upholstery, carpets, and rugs 
  • 100% natural rubber 
  • Electrostatic capabilities attract hair and fur like a magnet 
  • Can be used wet or dry  

ImportWorx recommends purchasing a few of these brushes, so that you can benefit from their versatile uses.


Color: Black (Soft)
10" Brush
1.25" Bristles 


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