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ImportWorx Clay Bar & Lube Kit

ImportWorx Clay Bar & Lube Kit

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16oz Quick Wash Hybrid Detailer

100g Clay Bar light-medium (blue)

  • Restores a smooth-as-glass feel to exterior surfaces
  • Professional detailing clay bar removes above-surface impurities that ruins paintwork over time
  • Kit ships with professional clay bar lubricant (Quick Wash)
  • Safe for use on any exterior part that is shiny or clear: paintwork, glass, clear plastics, polished metals, carbon fiber, and more
  • Prepares surfaces for cleaner polishing results and a longer-lasting wax bond directly to the surface
  • This Clay Bar conforms to every curve and contour for maximum effect with every swipe!

Mist our Quick Wash lubricant over the surface, and gently glide the clay bar to pick up embedded dirt. Quickly scrub in short 12” passes to fully purify the surface. The clay bar will stick at first, but the rough sounds and stickiness will subside into smooth action as the surface cleans up. Work one panel at a time, and wipe off lubricant residue and buff the panel dry to avoid spotting as you work. Re-knead the clay bar to expose a fresh surface after working 1-2 panels, or whenever the surface looks too dirty to use. Discard the used clay bar once no fresh surface is exposed with kneading. Use the clay bar on any exterior car part that is shiny or clear, including paintwork, glass, clear plastic, polished metals, carbon fiber, and more. Follow the clay bar service with machine polishing to remove any swirl and scratches, then seal the pores of the freshly-cleaned surface with a coat of sealant or wax for durable protection and enhanced shine.

  • The flexible clay bar conforms to every curve and contour to easily remove paint overspray, rail dirt, brake dirt, pollution, and impurities to restore a smooth-as-glass feel.
  • Detailers use this Professional Clay Bar to clean any exterior automotive surface that is shiny or clear, such as paintwork, glass, clear plastic, and polished metal surfaces.
  • The elastic Blue detailing clay pulls off rough impurities like a magnet. This refined clay bar formula is engineered to last longer and clean more vehicles than ever before.
  • ImportWorx Professional Clay Bar works great on any glossy paint finish, new or old. Restore the smooth feel back to any car, truck, motorcycle, RV, or boat or Toy. 
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