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ImportWorx Classic Checkered Nobori Flag 6 ft

ImportWorx Classic Checkered Nobori Flag 6 ft

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Add a bold and eye-catching touch to your event with our ImportWorx nobori flag. This flag features the iconic ImportWorx Circle Logo at the top and the ImportWorx Checkered Logo across the side, creating a striking visual effect. The flag has a sleek black low poly background, adding a modern touch. The words "Los Angeles" are written in bold lettering under the ImportWorx checkered logo.

Made with high-quality materials, this nobori flag is durable and weather-resistant. This nobori flag is easy to install and can be displayed on a flagpole or hung from a wall. It's a great addition to any room or garage, and is sure to make a statement wherever it's displayed.

Make your event stand out with our ImportWorx nobori flag.

Single Sided
60 x 180cm
2' x 6' ft
1x ImportWorx Classic Checkered Flag
1x ImportWorx Classic Checkered Sticker

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