The Hoonigan Honda IndyTruck: A Fusion of Power and Insanity

The Hoonigan Honda IndyTruck: A Fusion of Power and Insanity

The Hoonigan Honda IndyTruck is a unique build that showcases the fusion of power and insanity. This truck is a 2017 Honda Ridgeline that was originally used as a test mule for the Honda Performance Development (HPD) team before the Hoonigan team got their hands on it. The engine is a 2.2-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 built for a 2022 IndyCar, capable of producing 700 to 900 horsepower at 12,000 rpm. This engine is mounted in a mid-engine orientation, replacing the truck bed with an open-air engine that makes it easier to hear the engine's powerful sound.

Hoonigan Honda Indy Truck


The IndyTruck utilizes 2021 Acura NSX hubs, suspension arms, and carbon-ceramic brakes along with a custom inboard suspension and subframe built in-house at Hoonigan. The truck's bodywork is a completely custom, one-off design built from carbon fiber and fiberglass. The front splitter is massive, making it stand out as a unique build, and the rear wing is towering, complete with side blades housing the truck's taillights.

The interior of the truck has been completely stripped out and features a custom dash. Hoonigan replaced the standard Ridgeline seats with a pair of carbon Recaro racing seats with Willans harnesses attached to the roll cage. The truck wears a set of 20-inch Rotiform LTN forged wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero rubber.

The Hoonigan Honda IndyTruck is a result of a collaboration between Hoonigan and Honda Performance Development. Their goal was to build a truck that could take on anything from local road courses to hill-climbs. The Hoonigan Honda IndyTruck was first showcased at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, one week after the release of the Electrikhana video by the Hoonigan team.

The Hoonigan Honda IndyTruck has been sponsored by various brands, including Rotiform, Pirelli, AEM Performance Electronics, and Liqui Moly. These brands have contributed to the creation of this unique truck, making it possible to showcase the fusion of power and insanity.

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