Ryan Tuerck Transforms a Toyota Stout Pickup into a Drift Monster

Ryan Tuerck Transforms a Toyota Stout Pickup into a Drift Monster

Ryan Tuerck Toyota Stout

Ryan Tuerck, the renowned professional driver in Formula Drift, is known not only for his impressive skills on the track but also for his off-season projects that push the boundaries of automotive engineering. This time, Tuerck has taken a 1966 Toyota Stout pickup truck and transformed it into a formidable drift machine. The project, supported by TRD and Mobil 1, involved extensive modifications and intricate engineering to create a powerful and visually stunning vehicle.

The Toyota Stout, originally a compact parts hauler, underwent a remarkable transformation under Tuerck's guidance. With a complete 1 ½-inch chromoly tubeframe chassis, the truck's structure became a work of art. The body was meticulously designed based on 3D scans, and skilled fabricators integrated sheet metal components into the tubeframe. The result is a visually striking and aerodynamically optimized drift machine.

Powering the Toyota Stout is a 3SGTE engine, known for its performance in MR2s and Celica GT-Fours. Tuerck expects the engine to generate between 600 and 650 horsepower, which is paired with a six-speed sequential transmission. The suspension setup utilizes a PoweredByMax Corvette kit with a sophisticated pushrod system, ensuring optimal performance on the drift course.

While the Toyota Stout project may be somewhat tamer compared to Tuerck's previous endeavors, its engineering complexity and attention to detail are undeniable. Once fully tuned, Tuerck hopes to showcase the drift capabilities of the Stout at Formula Drift events, provided there is sufficient sponsorship support.

Ryan Tuerck Toyota Stout Tail Gate

Ryan Tuerck Toyota Stout Front View and Side View


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