Indecent Unveils Striking Porsche 911 Body Kit at SEMA Show

Indecent Unveils Striking Porsche 911 Body Kit at SEMA Show

Indecent, a relatively unknown name in the automotive world, is making waves with their latest creation unveiled at the SEMA Show. Their 002 body kit for the Porsche 911 has caught the attention of enthusiasts and industry experts alike.

Unlike the bold and sometimes ostentatious designs of tuning companies like Mansory, Indecent takes a different approach. Their slogan, "Vulgar is easy. Stay classy. Just a bit Indecent," sets the tone for their unique style. They aim to create body kits that enhance the elegance and performance of the Porsche 911 without crossing the line into gaudiness.

Indecent specializes exclusively in Porsches, particularly the narrow-body coupe 911s of the 997.1 generation. Their previous offering was a single kit, but the introduction of the Indecent 002 at SEMA 2022 expands their product range.

The Indecent 002 body kit is a work of art. It features custom flowing bodywork and incorporates bespoke exhaust elements. This build showcases their vision for restomod water-cooled Porsches, blending classic design elements with modern enhancements.

Automotive enthusiasts can witness the Indecent 002 masterpiece firsthand at the SEMA Show in the Treadpass booth hosted by @toyotires. The combination of stunning aesthetics, meticulous craftsmanship, and attention to detail makes this Porsche 911 a standout attraction at the event.

Indecent's dedication to quality and tasteful modifications is gaining recognition in the industry. With the 002 body kit, they have solidified their position as a rising star in the world of automotive tuning. Keep an eye out for Indecent, as they continue to redefine the boundaries of what it means to enhance the iconic Porsche 911.

Indecent Porsche 911 002 Body Kit

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