ImportWorx Dress-All Rubber Plastic Vinyl

ImportWorx Dress-All Rubber Plastic Vinyl

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White RPV Dress-All is our ready-to-use professional dressing. It is a coconut scented, water based SiO2 infused emulsion providing hydrophobic properties and long lasting layers of UV protection. RPV cleans, restores and protects all vinyl, leather, rubber, plastic and trim surfaces. Dress-All reduces cracking and oxidation with SPF protection which helps prevent sun damage. This product is perfect for applications such as weather stripping, engine bay, underbody and tires due to its low-sling formula. Easily condition your ride with an OEM gloss sheen that is dry to the touch in seconds!

Directions: Shake well before use. Apply Dress-All on a clean surface. Add a few drops of dressing directly onto a foam or microfiber applicator. Work deep into the surface until no residue remains. Wipe off excess and allow to dry. Apply additional layers as needed. ImportWorx is not responsible for misuse or mishandling of any product.

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children! Avoid eye contact, causes eye irritation. May be harmful or fatal if swallowed. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. FIRST AID: SKIN, Wash with soap and water. EYES, Remove contact lenses if present and rinse eyes thoroughly for 15 minutes. If irritation persists get medical attention! INHALATION, move person to fresh air. SWALLOWED, rinse mouth and do not induce vomiting. Call poison control and get medical attention.

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